Google Fonts Implementation

  1. font-family: ‘Joan’, serif;
  2. font-family: ‘Roboto Serif’, serif;

About Roboto Serif

Roboto Serif is a variable typeface family designed to create a comfortable and frictionless reading experience. Minimal and highly functional, it is useful anywhere (even for app interfaces) due to the extensive set of weights and widths across a broad range of optical sizes. While it was carefully crafted to work well in digital media, across the full scope of sizes and resolutions we have today, it is just as comfortable to read and work in print media.

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About Joan

Inspired by the roman cut by Francesco Griffo, it is a tribute to the Italian style, a model to follow even in the 15th century. Joan is characterized by neat serifs as well as sharp terminals and is intended for books and magazines. At the moment, only the roman is available. The italic variant is under development.

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View Joan Serif at Fonts Google Library

Google Fonts Implementation
Google Fonts Implementation.
Google Fonts Implementation |
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